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Cat Nail With Double Pinwheel

Cat Nail With Double Pinwheel Medium Ø 22 mm. Cat Nail With Double Pinwheel

Send shivers through your plaything with just the touch of a finger!


Roll this tantalizing device across your lover's flesh to surprise their senses with tiny pinpricks of painful pleasure!


This simple instrument for sensation play combines two Wartenberg Wheels on a three-ring design.


Deprive your plaything of their sight with a blindfold or a mask to heighten every touch and keep them guessing where you will torment them next!


This durable tool is an easy and exciting way to introduce to levels of play to your sexual experiences!


Spikes Double Finger Pinwheel specifications:


BDSM Recommendation:


Change between hard and tender: Try this nerve wheel on different body parts, such as inner thighs, soles of the foot, or genitals, as discover your partner´s most intimate areas. After a game with the Wartenberg wheel the skin will be extremely sensitive and very receptive for a treatment with our feather ticklers or massage candles. We recommend using one of our blindfolds with the Wartenberg wheel in order to enrich the sensory experience.




Because of its form it can be held as you would a piece cutlery. Vary the pressure with the trigger/index finger. The ergonomic handle fits pleasantly in the hand and feels natural, even for unpractised users.


Vary the pressure and experiment with different levels of teasing and pain. Let the wheel glide gently over the skin for a slight tingle. Or increase the pressure a bit for a direct and more intense prickle.




Because the toy is used for more sensitive skin areas and for the genital area, we recommend a thorough cleansing and disinfection with toy cleaner  before using it.




The Wartenberg wheel wasn´t developed to cause injuries, but it can injure the skin if used with too much pressure.



€ 24,95


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