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Combo Pinwheel Kit

Combo Pinwheel Kit Combo Pinwheel Kit
Combo Pinwheel Kit Combo Pinwheel Kit
Are you a true pinwheel lover who enjoys the pain a Wartenberg wheel can generate? Then this pinwheel set for professional BDSM sessions is an absolute must-have for you!


Whether it hurts or just tickles depends on the amount of pressure applied - and therefore on the mercy of the dominant partner. Whether the back, thigh, chest, abdomen, penis, testicles or feet - the neurowheel is suitable for many areas of the body and can be individually adjusted. For the thrilling feeling of surprise moments, we recommend combining it with a blindfold and bondage restraints from the Pain Factory.


We deliver this set in fine packaging. It contains an ergonomically-shaped steel handle as well as 4 interchangeable pinwheels (neurowheels) for different sensations during play, ranging from pleasure to pain: 1 x single Wartenberg wheel, 1 x double Wartenberg wheel, 1 x triple Wartenberg wheel and 1 x five-fold Wartenberg wheel.




These products are the first choice of many SM studios and professional dominatrices and masters! The Wartenberg wheel is rolled over your partner’s skin. Depending on the pressure applied, the experience ranges from tingling to painful. Originating from the field of neurology, the Wartenberg wheel, also called a pinwheel, has long enjoyed a legendary reputation as a versatile SM toy.


Further details:


    Complete set of SM toys
    Professional quality SM toys for SM studios, masters and dominatrices.
    Made of high-quality stainless steel
    Including fine packaging (leather etui with zipper)


€ 39,95


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